Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Another year done!

Finally, our summer holidays started. And again I wonder where the time went... was that really a whole year?
So I decided to put all the folders this year filled on each other. The one in the top holds my classtests, the other two worksheets and what we wrote down. Next to them are my schoolbooks. Not including the ones we had to read. This pic also doesn't show what I did for art, nor the presentations I prepared.
...throwing those folders out of my window I might manage to make a dent into the pavement...

And next year will be worse... oh my...

So...holidays. *looks at small list of things she has to do* ...reading diary, 5 minute monologue, presentation on pantomimes, another presentation... and I have to read Kafka's "Der Prozess"... -.-



  1. WHOA!
    *pokes Aquila's books and folders....they fall over on her a squish her*


    If you do toss them out the window Aquila, make sure no one is near by! LOL

  2. Make sure there's someone you don't like underneath it.

    Hmm... I wonder how heavy these books are...

    *hits himself in the head, knocks himself out*

    Pretty heavy...

    Hey, at least you have 6 weeks to do it in ^^

  3. WHAT THE...

    Those are HUUUGE!