Thursday, 28 July 2011


No, this post won't include all 200 pics. Seriously, blogger isn't made for that. But... I was asked to take pictures of the wall. So I have about 30 pictures of the longest part that is left. It's now called "East Side Gallery" . Covered in art on the eastern and in illegal gaffiti on the western side, it is 1.3km long (which is only a small bit of it's original length...).
western side with illegal graffiti

small, cut out part you can try to climb over.

trying to get all of it on a pic... and failing. ^^

I made pics along the wall and of single parts of it.

Erm... yes... I hoped I'd be able to read the artists explanation on the right and to translate it, but it's a bit difficult...

(in the orange part:) "Never again censorship in the arts."

(in the grey part:) "marionettes of a cancelled piece."

"My god, help me to survive this deadly love."

"You learned what freedom means and never again forget that."

"Don't forget love."

"There are many walls to break down."

"We tried to let colours reach over the wall."

"No man's land"

Actually, 136 is the smallest number. Some say it were far more who died trying to cross the wall.

I just realized some of you won't know about the wall... I suggest wikipedia. =P


  1. Wow! Just amazing what the people did with the Wall! Powerful and moving! I'm really glad you got all these pictures Aquila. I don't know if I will ever have the chance to visit. But I know that I will try. Something like this should not be missed or ever forgotten
    Thank you for posting these!

  2. *hugs back*
    It's maybe a bit depressing, but you should see some other sights of Berlin...
    Anyway, I found it to be quite interesting. ^^

  3. Cool. Like the picture of the car on the wall.
    We did about the Berlin wall in German in year 7 (we did French and Spanish for a part of the year, and French and German for the other).
    The pictures are quite moving, and I'm glad that they were put on there to let people never forget what happened and those who died.
    I like the picture of the car, though.
    Thanks for putting these on :D

  4. I think the one of the car is meant to remind of a guy who drove a car through the boarder to escape... he would have been shot if no policemen of the western side had come around, though.

  5. Wow, this is amazing. All the art is beautiful. The one with trying to get colors over the wall is very meaningful, i think. It must have been a powerful experience

  6. This art is amazing.

    We studied the Berlin Wall this year in history.

    A teacher brought in a chunk of the wall. They were there when it was torn down and they took some with them.

    It only had part of the graffiti on it. I never knew about all the art. That must be on the Western Side I think.

  7. Nah, it's the eastern side with the art, the western one has illegal graffiti. At least on that part of it. ^^

  8. OMG the art on that wall is INCREDIBLE i love it! my fav is the 13th pic its soo good!! =D

  9. Oh wow. That's amazing!

    I remember when the wall came down. Incredible event, with the whole world watching in awe.