Thursday, 10 September 2015

The rock

This is Sven's answer to my 'Finding a rock' story, as I used his character in it. Enjoy! :)

So here we are again, stuck in our head, very clever Bast.
I must say this is the longest amount of time we went without sleep.
And we just had to crash in a forest, yep. We really are the sharpest tool in the shed.
How long will it take this time? Two, maybe three days? Better make the best of it.
Time will fly past like nothing ever happened.

Wait, do I hear leaves? Sounds like a human. Definitely a human, female, not too tall and sounds pretty bored. It's getting closer, much closer, too close. I'd scream “watch out” but I know by now that has no effect. Ah yep, she fell on top of me, couldn't get any better. How long has it been? Probably nearly there. And she is inspecting me, she sounds a bit scared her heartbeat is going berzerk. Do I look like a corpse? I probably do, but I'm stone so she should be able to shrug it off.
And she's touching my face. Huh, feels like a paw; elemental magic? Yes, probably, weak but maybe enough? I don't think she'll mind if I borrow some of the type I need. Wow, it seems like she didn't even touch the earth element. This will do, now to get up. Slowly, yes… wait.
Bad idea, oh yep. She's gone, I didn't hear her run. Huh, a birdy. Strange...

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Finding a rock

When you find a rock, you don’t want to find it by stumbling over it. And you don’t want to fall. And you certainly don’t want to find out it’s bigger by falling on more of that rock. But you don’t always get what you want.
Aquila walked through the forest. She liked doing that, and two of her shapes were quite connected to that habit. This time, though, she wasn’t a fox or eagle. She was just herself, and out for a walk. It wasn’t winter, yet, but a lot of leaves had already fallen. Having left the path, she got to walk more than ankle-deep through leaves, and she loved it.
That is, until she found a rock. She found it by stumbling over it, and falling. And she found out it’s bigger than she first thought by falling on more of it.
She would’ve sworn, but the impact had knocked the breath out of her. Instead she just inhaled with a hiss and held still for a bit longer. Then she wriggled her toes. Then her fingers. After concluding that she was still in one piece, she slowly got up to see what she fell over.
It didn’t look like a rock. Mainly because it wore clothes. She had fallen over a boot, apparently, and was now sitting on a leg. But it had felt as hard as rock. She frowned and slowly got up. If she had just fallen on a body, she would not be happy. Not at all. Right, if that was a leg – she took two steps – then the head should be about here. Did she really want to check, though? Well, there was no helping it. If it was in fact a body, she’d have to call the police. She ducked and started brushing through the leaves until she found what she assumed was the head. It was cold. Great. Trying to touch it as little as possible, she brushed the leaves off. And was relieved. It was in fact stone. A quite detailed statue, but still just stone.
But that left the question of who dressed up a statue and then left it in the middle of the woods. The clothes seemed fine, it couldn’t have been there for long. Or could it?
Brushing off more leaves, she really doubted it had been there for more than a day or two. It was fascinating, though, being all dressed up like a person. How they had managed that puzzled her. Everyone who ever tried putting clothes on a doll would know: Dressing up something stiff isn’t easy. Maybe they sewed them shut on the back.
Being bent over, head really close to the ground and trying to see the back of an arm, it took Aquila surprisingly long to realise the statue had moved. By the time it sat up, though, she had already jumped back. She turned, jumped, changed shape mid-jump and an eagle flew away as fast as its wings would carry it.
When statues come to life, it’s best to just run.

Tadaaa! ^^

Coloured in while on the blogs, and a true work of patience. ^^

Thursday, 27 August 2015


I'm fairly sure no one checks the blogs anymore, but even if I should turn out to be the only one coming back here - it's a neat way to have the pictures available.

So here come the nicer pictures I took while I was in London with my family, for five days. Five days is too short. Our feet hurt every evening, and still there were things we didn't see.
Also, the traffic there is simply insane. The bus drivers should be driving racing cars, the cyclists are suicidal, and the pedestrians move so FAST and seem to never wait for the green light... it's all a mess. A delightfully strange mess.
If I had to do a one sentence summary of that visit, it would be 'London was a lot more dirty and a lot less dignified than expected.'. Not a place for me to live - but for sure a place to visit. :)

... if you wonder why I took this picture, just ignore it. If you don't have to wonder - hey, you thought it, too!

We had that one when we were little! ... but in German. Still, love it. :)

The Shard, or so I heard. Is that even the official name? A London tour started just below that. We got out of the underground, looked around and cound't find it. Why? We were just below it. Nearly turned up late. By which I mean, we were still five minutes early, but not ten like advised. ;P

Sunset on a plane's wing. The pictures aren't in the right order, but still, it was nice to watch. The line of dark and light actually wavered, and bubbles of light got surrounded by dark. I wouldn't have believed it, hadn't I seen it. Sadly, none of the pictures I tried to take quite caught it.

On our very first day, we saw this. I'm not even sure what it is, but it reminded us of that pixels movie. We liked it.

Cleopatra's needle. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact it was just picked up and taken to a different country. I mean, it's not exactly a vase or so.

The London Eye - much like the Shard visible from many, many places. I took several pictures from several angles of both. But this is imo the nicest one.

Big Ben. I just really like that tower. Also, I wasn't aware how BIG the building behind it is.

This underground line had glass between the people and the rest of the tunnel. Which would make sense as a safety measure, but... why only this line?

"Banana republic" is what we call a pretty corrupt and messed up state, over here. It was amusing to find a shop by that name.

Greenwich. I didn't have the patience to stand in line to take a picture, so I just took a picture of people taking a picture. I have no idea why they are doing what they are doing, though.

Cutty Sark. I think it's a pretty ship, but we didn't go in/on it. My parents did though, a day later.

The tower bridge. It was clearly more trouble to hunt down the exact position than expected. But at some point we saw it RIGHT in front of us while taking a bus. We took the same line back and managed to get off in the right spot.

Found in the door of a gallery. They had really, REALLY nice paintings. ... with appropriate price tags. Still, if I ever get unreasonably rich...

I took so many pictures of that swan trying to take a nice one. But in nearly all, it rather looks like it's working hard to tie a knot in its own neck - it was cleaning its feathers after climbing out of the Thames.

This other swan, though? Much calmer, so easier to shoot.

Camden market and the surrounding markets - I've never seen anything like it. I'm not sure it would even be legal, here. So many things, so many people, in so little space - if something went up in flames, everything would burn down and people would get trampled... still, I massively enjoyed the mess. And yes, they covered a metal horse in random stickers. ... might have improved it, actually, it seems more modern that way. Don't you think?

The underground and stairs. See, I'm used to our underground. There's always stairs. Stairs NOT only meant for emergencies. So when, at another station, I saw a long queue in front of the elevators, I thought 'oh well, might as well take the stairs'. As I reached the stairs, I noticed a sign saying they were only for emergency, that there were 193 stairs and that that would be equivalent to a 15 floor high building. I didn't take it seriously enough.
To my own amusement, though, some people followed me thinking I'd know what I'm doing. Namely a guy with a turban and four French teenagers - at least they spoke French. I didn't suffer alone! ;)

Well, that's all for now. I sure did take more pictures, but as usual for me, most weren't that great. Even some of those up there aren't horizontal and what not, but they should do.
Would I recommend going to London? Of course I would. In the best case you'll find the love of your life, your dream job, and your future home - otherwise it wouldn't be a best case scenario, right? In the worst case, you'll come back and we can compare our impressions. I love doing that. ^^