Thursday, 10 September 2015

The rock

This is Sven's answer to my 'Finding a rock' story, as I used his character in it. Enjoy! :)

So here we are again, stuck in our head, very clever Bast.
I must say this is the longest amount of time we went without sleep.
And we just had to crash in a forest, yep. We really are the sharpest tool in the shed.
How long will it take this time? Two, maybe three days? Better make the best of it.
Time will fly past like nothing ever happened.

Wait, do I hear leaves? Sounds like a human. Definitely a human, female, not too tall and sounds pretty bored. It's getting closer, much closer, too close. I'd scream “watch out” but I know by now that has no effect. Ah yep, she fell on top of me, couldn't get any better. How long has it been? Probably nearly there. And she is inspecting me, she sounds a bit scared her heartbeat is going berzerk. Do I look like a corpse? I probably do, but I'm stone so she should be able to shrug it off.
And she's touching my face. Huh, feels like a paw; elemental magic? Yes, probably, weak but maybe enough? I don't think she'll mind if I borrow some of the type I need. Wow, it seems like she didn't even touch the earth element. This will do, now to get up. Slowly, yes… wait.
Bad idea, oh yep. She's gone, I didn't hear her run. Huh, a birdy. Strange...

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